3 Bay Area Gluten-free Bakeries you don’t want to miss!

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3 must visit Bay Area gluten-free bakeries. If you are planning a trip, make sure you get to these!

I’ve never been so blissfully full as when I visited three incredible gluten-free bakeries in the Bay Area all in one day! Last month, when I was on my way to the CDF Conference, I planned a long layover in San Francisco so I could bakery hop. My partner in crime, Charissa, ended up needing to work at her new job, so she sent her husband to pick me up at the airport and visit the bakeries with me. Patrick & Charissa own and operate Zest Bakery, which I’ll get to later, as it was our final stop on the bakery hop, so enjoying treats at gluten-free bakeries was right up his alley too!

Let’s begin our gluten-free Bay Area bakery tour:

Three Bay Area Bakeries You Shouldn't Miss

Our first stop was Mariposa. I had the pleasure of trying a few of Mariposa’s amazing baked goods last summer during a quick trip to San Fran with my family. That time I visited their little location in the Ferry Building on Pier 1 and was super impressed with their cinnamon rolls and hoagies. I’ve been following them on Facebook for a while, so I knew they had started baking croissants, so those were top on my list to try. My hilarious chauffeur, Patrick, drove us to their main Oakland location.

I loved the huge, open bakery. Check out all the goodies in their long cases. There were also tables and shelves all over with more of their treats all packaged up nicely. I could have poked around there for an hour, but honestly, once I set my eyes on the ham and cheese croissants, I was done browsing. The employees were friendly and helpful, and warmed up my croissant for me. It was SOOOO good! I never thought I would eat a good croissant again since my celiac diagnosis. If I lived near Mariposa, I’m quite sure I’d be stopping in there every week for one!

Check out Mariposa’s website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also order items to be shipped to you!

3 Bay Area gluten-free bakeries you shouldn't miss, including Miglet's

Our second stop was Miglet’s Gluten-free Bakery in Danville, CA. On a previous trip I fell in love with their doughnuts, but alas, on this trip they were almost all out of them. I had one doughnut and then got a variety of cupcakes to go to try later. Charissa and I dug into the cupcakes that evening. The chocolate almond cupcake (upper right in the collage) and the chocolate chip cookie cupcake (middle right in the collage) were my favorites. They were all gorgeous! I loved the added toppings on the cupcakes. If I lived near Miglet’s, this would be our Saturday morning destination for doughnuts, and where I’d pick up a special cupcake for a friend!

Check out Miglet’s website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

3 Bay Area gluten-free bakeries you need to visit, including Zest Bakery.

Our final stop was Zest Bakery. After becoming friends with Charissa this past year, and rooming together at several events, I’ve just been dying to get to her bakery. It did not disappoint! I actually pre-ordered a few items that I was dying to try, like a maple doughnut (I wanted to lick all the icing off that thing- so good)!  Charissa made sure the quiche they made that day didn’t have any onions, so I could enjoy it and boy was it good! The triple berry muffin was without a doubt, the best muffin I’ve had in my life, gluten-free or not!  I wished later that I’d bought a half dozen to take with me! Another favorite treat was their Almond Cake. It was seriously amazing, and if I hadn’t eaten the last one they had, I would have bought more for later. It was simple and sweet and just so good! If I lived near Zest, I’d show up with my laptop and munch on muffins, quiche and almond cake all day while I blogged!

Check out Zest Bakery’s website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also order items to be shipped to you!

If you have a trip to the Bay Area coming up, I highly recommend you hit at least one, preferably ALL of these bakeries! I’m already dreaming about the next time I can get to them!

Special shout-out to my terrific hosts on this Bay Area gluten-free bakery tour! Patrick was an awesome and hilarious foodie to tour with. Charissa was awesome to arrange everything and help me taste test many of the items we bought that evening.

Hosts for my Bay Area gluten-free bakery tour

Disclaimer: Visiting all of these bakeries in one day will probably result in a sugar high and a few pounds of weight gain, though I thought it was so worth it! :)  All opinions are my own. I bought everything on my own dime, none of this was sponsored.


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  1. Michelle says

    This was such a fun post for me! My husband and I had a surprise trip to SF last October. It was my first time in CA (we live in Ohio). I lived on Mariposa’s delicious baked goods the whole time I was there. I wish I had known about the other bakeries. I loved how in SF they used Mariposa’s items in a lot of the restaurants. Thanks for sharing!

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