Super Bowl XLVIII Bingo Cards {family friendly}

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Kid-friendly Super Bowl Bingo Cards 2014 to print

This is definitely a switch from my usual type of posts, but hopefully some of you will find it useful. I love whipping up little projects like this and keep wondering if I should share them on my blog or not. If you like stuff like this, and would like me to post more of it, would you let me know?

This is also my first experiment with uploading and sharing pdf files in a blog post. Hopefully, you’ll just be able to click on each of the file links below, and as long as you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it should open right up. Then you can just print each one on regular paper. It is formatted to be printed in landscape format on 8.5×11″ paper.

I only had time to do 6 cards. If you need more than 6, you could definitely just print some twice, assuming some people will miss seeing some things when they first appear anyway. Or you can cut/tape up your own sheets after printing as well.

Super Bowl Bingo Card 1

Super Bowl Bingo Card 2

Super Bowl Bingo Card 3

Super Bowl Bingo Card 4

Super Bowl Bingo Card 5

Super Bowl Bingo Card 6

Hope your family and guests have fun with these!


  1. Beth says

    Printed these out just as the game was starting. They were a huge hit! Thanks so much for sharing. It was a fun way to keep everyone involved.

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