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Heading to Sacramento for IFBC – any recommendations?

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I’m so excited to be heading to the International Food Blogger Conference later this month. I’ve wanted to do to this for years and finally get to. This year it is in my hometown, Sacramento, so I’m flying home to see family and go to all of the fun conference sessions. My kids are coming along to see Grandma and Grandpa too!

I’d love to hear any recommendations for safe gluten-free food around town! The only dedicated gluten-free place I’m aware of around town is Pushkin’s, which I love, and will be going to often!

Here’s a bit about the conference and what I’m looking forward to attending:

  • Thursday I get to go along on a scenic tour through the olive groves, almonds and walnut trees of Capay Valley Ranches. Despite growing up in this region, I’ve never been through almond orchards so I’m really excited about those!
  • Apparently, in the many years since I moved away, Sacramento has become the Farm-to-Fork capital. With that, there are going to be a number of local growers and companies sampling farm fresh food at our meals and receptions.  I’m looking forward to nibbling on California almonds, peaches, artisanal cheeses and more!
  • While most of the blogging conferences I’ve been to are focused on blogging, this conference has much more of a focus on food! From sessions on farm-to-fork, olive oil taste testing, food technology, and food waste, I’m intrigued at all of the options.
  • I’m happy to see that Nima (the company that has developed a device to test gluten in restaurant food) will be one of the presenters at a session on Food Tech, and hope to have a chance to chat with them again.


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