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Work With Me

Thanks so much for your interest in working with me. I love to work with gluten-free brands and mainstream brands to help them reach women shoppers in the gluten-free niche.

Before shooting me an email, please take a look at what I offer and what I don’t offer, so we can start off on the right foot!

Partnership Opportunities:

  • Recipe Development with your products for your website, my blog, or print material
  • Sponsored Post featuring your new product and a giveaway to my readers
  • Representing your brand at a blog conference, gluten-free Expo, Natural Products Expo or a celiac conference.
  • Instagram giveaways
  • In-store event coverage through social media
  • Social media work
  • Other opportunities including travel and consulting are available as well.

Before you Email:

If you are interested in pitching your idea to me and discussing our collaboration, please email me! It is super helpful if you already know your budget and what your goals for the campaign are! As I purposely keep my business hours part time, I only take on a few clients each month, and try to choose those with products I already love, am excited to try, or think my audience is most interested in.

I would love to hear from you, unless your request falls into these categories:

  • Asking to pay me for follow links to your website. No can do – against the rules folks!
  • Wanting me to work for free. I’m sorry but I can’t pay my bills with “exposure”. Please show respect for my time and worth and do not ask me to write about your product for free.**
  • Guest posting. I do not accept unsolicited guest posts on my blog.
  • You are pitching a protein powder or protein bar. There are so many protein powders and protein bars out there, my audience just isn’t interested in learning about them. Most of them taste like chalk.
  • You are trying to get me to join or promote a MLM business. No thanks.

**I totally understand that small, new family businesses may not have a budget yet for sponsored posts. If you are interested in sending me your gluten-free product with no strings attached, just for me to try, you are welcome to reach out to me as well. If I like the product, I will naturally mention it on social media. I also offer lower-budget options of Instagram giveaways or Instagram story shares that are perfect for small brands!

Ready to collaborate and have a budget for this? Pitch me with your project and goals via email: