1. This sandwich is right up my alley! I have avocados, Gluten Free Mama bread, bacon and tomatoes on hand! This will be my breakfast tomorrow. Thank you for sharing! Great pics by the way too!

  2. I knew that it was a fruit but I learned that these kids are adorable! I like autacados too! I raised my HDL from 32 to 54 just by adding avocados to my diet!

  3. Oh that video was really cute. I shared via Facebook – Michelle Patriarco on Facebook.. Like some of the others that commented, I didn’t know it was a fruit.

  4. My 4 year old daughter and I watched this video together and her only comment afterward was “What’s a dairy queen? Is that the princess of milk?” 🙂
    Funny video.

  5. I learned some kids think milk comes from dairy queen… that is a cute video. I learned avocadoes are wonderful fruits that make great guacamole and you can blend them in a juice drink too.

  6. Wow that is a great idea ,I love the sandwich and the video was awesome thanks for sharing, and have a blessing day.

  7. I was surprised at the foods the kids said were their favorites. Not some things I would have thought they were exposed to. A big difference from when my kids were growing up.

  8. This video was so cute. Kids are so precious. She doesn’t eat any meat! Dairy comes from Dairy Queen, too funny! I guess I did learn that avocado is a fruit, didn’t know that! Kids are sponges, set good examples because change starts with me!

  9. What a cute video! My boys loved watching it and are begging to watch it again right now! 🙂 I’m so thankful we all love avocados here at our house! I’m always saying “an avocado a day”! 😉 This sandwich looks so yummy!

  10. I learned that there are some pretty funny kids out there-and to avoid cake, which will helo my not have to have heart surgery.

  11. Oh your sandwich looks amazing! I have to eat gluten free too due to Celiac disease. I have to try to ake that one! YUM
    I watched the video and learned that the avocado is a fruit!

  12. I learned that I LOVE Avacados even more! And I learned to keep educating my kids on health & nutrition! My little one wants to go back to being a Vegetarian! Yay! Sharing on my Facebook to spread the GOOD AVOCADO WORD!!!

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