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Welcome to my blog!  I’m a 30-something wife, mother of two boys, and a Celiac.  My hobbies are baking and collecting cookbooks and recipes.

I’ve always loved baking, starting with my first cooking class in 7th grade.  I’ve been reading and learning from cooking magazines, blogs, America’s Test Kitchen tv programs, and cooking classes and finally can say I feel comfortable and more confident in the kitchen. I never accept a so-so recipe; I prefer to keep trying until I find the absolute BEST of each recipe.  I hope some of my favorite recipes will become your family’s favorites as well.

I was diagnosed in 2010 with Celiac Disease.  Telling someone that loves baking and has a serious sweet tooth for cookies and cupcakes, that they can no longer consume gluten is just, well… mean!  I was determined to learn how to bake gluten-free and make foods so delicious no one would know they were gluten-free.  I had a fellow Celiac baker take me under her wing, teach me the basics, and get me started by recommending great products.  Now I hope to help others that are new to gluten-free.  I promise, you can enjoy pretty much all of the delicious foods you used to enjoy before going gluten-free!