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Happy Halloween- Stay safe and gluten-free!

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While driving home from carpool this morning, the song Monster Mash came on the radio. I couldn’t help but smile as I fondly remembered how we had that song on a record or cassette when I was growing up and would play it over and over on Halloween night. Such a fun song!

I headed over to YouTube to see if there were any fun videos to go with it, and I’m super excited about the one I found. My Lego-loving boys are going to LOVE this video! I can’t wait until we get home tonight so I can show this to them! If you have kids that love Legos, you’ll want to check this out:

Hope you all have a fun Halloween!  Make sure you double-check your candy for gluten. The Celiac Disease Foundation has published a list to help you, and Alison from Sure Foods Living  has also posted her comprehensive list of gluten-free, allergy-free candy. Also, realize that there can still be some cross-contamination risk with many of these candies. I know Snickers is on the list of supposedly gluten-free candies, but I would tell you to use caution. I personally have had gluten reactions twice after trying them, so I avoid them now.

Stay safe and gluten-free!

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