Chocolate Mint Pudding {Dairy-free, Gluten-free}

Chocolate Mint Pudding {Dairy-free, Gluten-free} So rich and creamy. Couldn't tell it was dairy-free!

In partnership with Silk, I'm bringing you a rich and creamy chocolate mint pudding that is not only gluten-free, but dairy-free too! This is the perfect seasonal treat to serve your friends or family. I've been trying to experiment in the kitchen and provide more dairy-free recipes for you, my readers. I know many of you can't tolerate dairy and I hate to have you feel left out when so many of my recipes do use dairy. When Silk approached me to try out ...

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White Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies {Gluten-free}

Gluten-free White Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies - Perfect for Christmas cookie trays!

I'm always looking for a few new gluten-free Christmas cookies to add some variety to my baking each year. I thought you might like to see some new recipes for your Christmas baking as well, so I've joined in with Pamela's 12 Days of Gluten-free Cookies campaign. I received Pamela's All-Purpose Flour Artisan Blend to try out for the first time. I know a number of my readers use this blend, so I was happy to test it. I'm happy to say that I was very pleased with the ...

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Scotcharoos {Gluten-free}

Gluten-free Scotcharoos - Our family favorite no-bake bars!

What do you get when you combine the yummy flavors of peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch with gluten-free rice cereal? Scotcharoos! I've been making these easy no-bake bars for years and they are one of my most-requested treats! They couldn't be easier to make, and are perfect to bring to potlucks and family gatherings! There are never any left to bring home! A few notes about ingredients: Don't use regular "Rice Krispies" or generic crispy rice cereal as ...

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Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies {Gluten-free}

Gluten-free Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies

Okay, be honest. How many of you have a "Candy Tax" where your kids have to give you some of their Trick-or-Treating loot? Whether your kids scored a ton of candy or you just bought way too much candy this year, you might find yourself with a LOT of candy around. After I go through all of the candy my kids bring home, getting rid of all of the candy that has gluten in it, then I snag a lot of the chocolate treats for baking. This time, I used Reese's Pieces ...

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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Fudge Bars {Gluten-free}

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Oatmeal Fudge Revel Bars- These are great for potlucks and parties!

This recipe for gluten-free peanut butter oatmeal fudge bars makes a huge pan of treats, which makes it perfect for bringing to potlucks and parties. I always come home with an empty pan! These gooey, fudgy bars are so good, no one will know they are gluten-free. Have you ever had revel bars? That's what these are, but I asked around and hardly anyone I knew had ever heard of revel bars, so I left it off the title. I remember having revel bars for the first time ...

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Gluten-free Monkey Cookies (aka Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Gluten-free Monkey Cookies - aka Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. Great recipe for when you have 1 overripe banana!

What do you make when you have just one overripe banana? It isn't enough to make a batch of gluten-free banana muffins, unless you want to make a half-batch. One overripe banana is all you need to make these gluten-free banana chocolate chip cookies, which we call Monkey Cookies! This is another of those recipes that I've made for so many years that I have no idea when I initially discovered the recipe. These Monkey Cookies have a texture that is very different ...

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Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes with Mint Frosting {Gluten-free}

Gluten-free mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes with Mint Frosting - Enjoyable any time of year, but especially festive at St. Patrick's Day and Christmas!

One flavor combo that I really enjoy is chocolate and mint together. These gluten-free mini chocolate bundt cakes combine deep, dark chocolate cakes with a perfectly minty frosting for a delicious after-dinner treat. While they can be enjoyed year-round, I especially like serving them around Christmas and St. Patrick's Day for a festive dessert. A while back, I bought this Nordic Ware Pro Cast Bundt Brownie Pan from Amazon. I've always loved bundt cakes and ...

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Fresh Raspberry Frosting {Gluten-free}

Gluten-free Chocolate Cupcakes with Fresh Raspberry Frosting

This past week I had the opportunity to provide cupcakes for a special friend's baby shower. She loves chocolate, so deciding on chocolate cupcakes was easy. She is having her first girl, so I knew I wanted to incorporate some pink, but didn't want to just use food coloring to create pink frosting. I thought back to a fresh blackberry frosting I made last year, and figured that if I used fresh raspberries instead, I'd have a beautiful pink color. You are welcome ...

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Texas Sheet Cake {Gluten-free}

Gluten-free Texas Sheet Cake - Super rich and chocolate cake and icing that everyone loves!

Chocolate cake is definitely in my Top 5 favorite desserts. This gluten-free Texas Sheet cake is one of my favorites! Moist, deep dark chocolate cake is topped with my favorite chocolate fudge frosting to make this gluten-free version of Texas Sheet Cake. I've been making the regular version of this Texas Sheet cake for many years and was happy to see that it turns out just as delicious when using a good quality gluten-free all-purpose flour blend. Texas Sheet ...

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Brownie Pudding Toffee Trifle {Gluten-free}

Gluten-free Brownie Pudding Toffee Trifle

Chocolate Overload would be another appropriate name for this incredible dessert! Layers of chewy gluten-free brownie chunks alternate with white chocolate pudding, Cool Whip, and chocolate covered Heath toffee candy pieces to create this pretty trifle. People ooh and aah over this dessert every time I bring it somewhere. The only time-intensive part of making this is that you have to make the gluten-free brownies, let them cool, then cube them up. I prefer to ...

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