1. Thank you! These look delicious. My 4 year old daughter was just recently diagnosed with celiac. What cooking spray do you suggest? I’ve been nervous to use any. I look forward to trying these.

  2. I warmed the tortillas and they still split once u filled and out them in the oven. Is there a trick or something to keep corn tortillas from cracking?

    • I would put a little oil in a skillet and put each tortilla shells n the heated oil to soften before rolling. Then you don’t need to spray oil on them. I worked in a Mexican restaurant and that’s how we did corn tortillas to roll enchiladas or taquitos.

  3. All taquitos are gluten free, if made properly, they’re made with corn tortillas. So I’m not sure why this article leads with gluten-free baked taquitos.

    • I thought so too but you have to consider how they are cooked. As stated in the article above, they are sometimes cooked in the same fryer as everything else. Cross contamination. Also one restaurant I went to dipped their taquitos in flour water to help keep them from unrolling.

    • Yep, taquitos are corn tortilla based (but you do have to watch for cross contamination). Flautas are flour tortilla based. I love taquitos!

  4. These weren’t bad for a first try. I nuked the corn flour tortillas with a paper towel for 15 secs and then rolled them up and baked them. I think I would like to see refried beans in the filling next time i try them. Overall, great first go with this recipe…

    4.0 rating

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