Gluten-free Cheesy Pizza Dip recipe. Can easily double to feed a crowd too!

Cheesy Pizza Dip and Crackers {Gluten-free}

Gooey and cheesy, this dip tastes just like pepperoni pizza! Perfect with the new Breton gluten-free crackers! I have very few dip recipes in my recipe binder and have been wanting to add more. On weeks like this, when we’re watching basketball playoffs on TV, we get the munchies! I set out to make a…

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Gardening with Kids - family bonding, learning, and incoporating fresh fruit and veggies easily!

My Kids’ Garden – Naturally Gluten-free!

Raise your hand if you are happy that fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten-free? I am! Seriously, fresh fruit is my favorite part of eating gluten-free. We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in our backyard so we can enjoy fresh fruit all summer and fall. I love looking in the backyard in August…

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What to pack in your gluten-free carry-on bag

What to Pack in Your Gluten-free Carry-On Bag

As a celiac, getting stuck at an airport without safe food and other necessities might be a nightmare! Today I’m sharing my tips for being prepared with a well-packed carry-on bag, brought to you as part of my ongoing partnership with Udi’s. As we enter into spring and summer travel season, I thought it might…

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Gluten-free Ham Mac & Cheese Cups - 30 minute meal that kids can help make!

Ham Mac and Cheese Cups {Gluten-free}

I’m excited to share with you today the first boxed gluten-free Mac and Cheese that I’ve liked! When¬†Horizon asked if I wanted to try their new gluten-free Mac & Cheese, I agreed just because I know how much my kids usually love it. I figured they would enjoy trying a new one. Who would have…

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Blackened Salmon Salad with Huckleberry Vinaigrette (Gluten-free) Healthy, easy to make and on the table in 45 minutes! Can use store-bought dressing to make it easier too.

Blackened Salmon Salad with Huckleberry Vinaigrette {Gluten-free}

Today’s recipe was inspired by an amazing salad that I had during our anniversary getaway last year. The marinated salmon was perfectly cooked and served on fresh spring greens and spinach and had mandarin oranges in it. It was so tasty that I craved it the rest of our trip! I was given the opportunity…

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